Paper Birds

Vassilis Douros

Vassilis Douros - Nikos Aperanthitis

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Alkis Kourkoulos, Dimitris Methonaios

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The film is the story of Marios, a child who is called upon to travel and express himself in a cruel and inhuman family and social regime and manages the fears of converting them to paper birds. His ally is his mother, Dawn, who is oppressed also by the cruelty of Alkiyadis Karras, the military man.

They join the two in a deep secret conspiracy, in a relationship of tenderness, supporting each other's choices. With his passing into puberty Marios, slowly
he slowly fouls and "performs" his fears, his nightmares. The conflict with his father is inevitable. But Alcibiades was accountable without Marius of Dawn, poetry and
of the dream.