Zacharias Mavroidis

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Michalis Sarantis, Thanasis Papageorgiou, Xenia Kalogeropoulou, Giota Festa, Alexandros Mavropoulos, Yannis Niarchos and Alexandros Chrysanthopoulos.

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Mars is thirty. He is charming, has a sporty jeep and a huge debt from his unfortunate business move as the exclusive importer of ELOVO espresso machines. Being unable to preserve the cost of the loft, he moves to the house of grandfather Aristides to Papagos.

The grandfather's glowing electrical appliances are installed in the old-fashioned house that remained closed by the death of the retired officer twenty years ago. Soon Ars is back with Mercury, his friend playing with the grandparents on his weekends. Mars has all the skills to
win the leadership of Mercury's low-cost market: nice style, basketball talent, expensive car. His young friends become ELOVO's and the move to Papagou ceases to be a temporary solution.

Aris is at home and unconsciously begins to acquaint himself with Aristeidis: the armchair, the razor, the pajamas, the officer's uniform. At the same time, the common name and the striking similarity pose a comparison of grandfather and grandson. In the glorious past of Aristides, the life of Mars is like a trash.

When Mars meets Mr. Vasos, his communist neighbor and boyfriend Aristides, he will realize how little he knew his grandfather. In his attempt to reconstitute his portrait, he will find contradictory narratives and unanswered questions:

Why did Aristeidis buy a house in Vasso? Why did their paths split into resistance? What happened between them in the civil war? How right was Aristide? Mars is determined to learn all the truth. It does not reach him having his grandfather's name. It is not enough for him to have his body. He wants to have his manhood.

The solution to the mystery will mean the restoration of Aristides. At the same time, however, his humanization. Mars will lose his childhood hero to win a new, human moral valency model.