Launch of filming for "The Heart of the Hole"

The Film Office of Sterea Hellas makes a difference. It is the first to finance four film productions. He has never been to the announcements, he works.

Commemorative photo of the presentation of the beginning of filming for the film "Ballad of the Heart of the Hole". (right to right) the actors Mr. Vasilis Biskikis and Mrs. Vicky Papadopoulou, the director Mr. Yiannis Oikonomidis, the regional governor Mr. Kostas Bakoyannis, the deputy registrar Efthimios Karaiskos, the producer Mr. Panos Papachatzis and the director of the Film Office of Sterea Ellada, Mr. Stathis Kalogeropoulos

The first materials for the shooting of the new film "Ballet of the Tear Heart"