Central Greece

Discover it

In the heart of Greece, where the magnificent mountains meet the beautiful beaches, the wild rivers the serene seas, the nature of the culture and the fascinating history of the long-standing traditions, you will find Central Greece.

The land of contradictions, intense emotions, unexpected experiences.

Wonder around its myths and choose among a diverse selection of sceneries that will give your project great production value in a great open air studio

Central Greece challenges you to discover it.


Timeless emotions

A breath away from Athens, there is a fertile land with a rich natural environment and ancient culture. It is Viotia, with its ancient monuments and Byzantine treasures, with the snow-covered hillsides and the hidden beaches. The crossroads of gods, heroes and oracles.

Interesting locations

The Archaeological Museum of Thiva, Chaeroneia, the Acropolis of Kresidos, the Medieval Fortress of Livadia, Plataea, the Museum of Tanagra, the Valley of the Muses in Thespies, the martyrdom of Distomo, the Gardens of Aliartos, the Sources of Orchomenos. The monastery of Hosios Loukas, the church of Panagia Scripous, the Monastery of Evangelistria.


Cinema Destination 4 Seasons

All Greece on an island. A unique world full of natural beauties, contrasts, lush vegetation, blue beaches, hot springs, dragonflies, monasteries, archaeological sites, wetlands, canyons, mountaineering trails. From north to south, from Edipsos to Karystos, Evia offers unique experiences. A special place in our heart is the beautiful island of Skyros.

Interesting locations

The beach of Evripos in Chalkis with the tidal phenomenon, the ancient temple of Artemis in Avlida, the archaeological site, the theater and the museum of Eretria, the thermal springs in Loutra Edipsou, the relic of St. John of Roses in Prokopi , the fossil mammal museum in Kerasia, the dragonflies in southern Euboea, the wetlands in Istiaia and the Lake of the Dust, the aesthetic forest in Steni, the village of Antia, where the inhabitants converse with whistles, the carnival of Skyros and Agia Anna, the ancient

# Evritania

Original Place of Life

Wild and proud, hospitable and true, Evritania stands erect over the years. Its unbeatable natural environment is a source of life and inspiration. Historic monuments, monasteries and churches untouched by time, high mountains, dense forests and picturesque villages make up a fairytale world.

Interesting locations

The National Resistance Museum in Koryschades, the Museum of Viniani, the folklore Museums in Megalo and Mikro Chorio, the Tsatsos Museum in Agia Triada and Kafantari in the Eastern Frangistas, the historical sites of Kefalovrysos and Kokkalia, the Katsantonis Cave at Agrafa, the Monastery of Prous, Tatarna and Domian.

Skiing in the Velouchi Ski Center, rafting in Tavropos, Acheloos and Trikeriotis, hiking in the Black Cave, the paths of Tornos, the gorge of Bouzonikos and the Pantavreys Gorge and all sorts of alternative activities, from paintball to mountain bike and from climbing to riding in beautiful wilian nature

# Fthiotida

Pleasures in the center of Greece

The natural union between the South and the North Greece.. It is the point where the lacy shores give the baton to the edges of Oiti and the long Greek history remains unaltered. Nature has made it generous, offering the curative water, the thermal springs, and impressive mountainous volumes with rich flora and fauna.

Interesting locations

Lamia Castle and its Archaeological Museum, Leonidas Monument and Thermopylae Historical Information Center, Athanasius Diakou Monument in Alamana, Coconut School and the Byzantine Castle of Ypati, Natural History Museum of Oiti, its Bridge Gorgopotamos, the Holy Temple of Panagia the Archontiko, the Agathonos Monastery, the Otis National Park, biotopes in the Maliakos Gulf.

# Fokida

The beauty of contradictions

A rugged, Doric but also warm and hospitable place. This is Phocis. Surrounding it, you admire the various beauties, in an alternating geomorphological landscape and walk in the footsteps of human presence for thousands of years. Endowed with the beauty of contradictions, it is a journey - a pilgrimage to the splendor of Greek land.

Interesting locations

The Museum and the archaeological site with the magnificent monuments, the sanctuaries of Apollo and Provina Athena, the Oracle, the Stadium, the Theater in Delphi, the Mycenaean tomb and the Amfissa Castle. The Metropolis with the wonderful frescoes of Papa Loukas and the Byzantine Church of the Savior in Amfissa, the Panagia Varnakovas Monastery in Dorida, the old tannery of Kharmaina, the coastal Fokida, from Agios Minas in Desphina to Chiliados and the beaches of Trizonia, Parnassus.