The ballad of a pierced heart

Giannis Oikonomidis

Giannis Oikonomidis, Charis Lagoussis, Dimosthenis Papamarkos

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Vasilis Biskikis Viki Papadopoulou Stathis Stamoulakatos Giannis Tsortekis Lena Kitsopoulou Vangelis Mourikis Giorgos Giannopoulos

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A European co-production between Greece, France, Germany and Cyprus.

It is a social adventure whose shootings are mainly in the wider region of Lamia. Many prominent Greek actors are involved.

The subject of the film revolves around the life of beautiful Olga in a provincial town in Greece and her unfortunate marriage to Hercules entrepreneur. Olga will look for a way out of her love with Mano, a former popular singer and now a night club owner. But when he finally gives up Hercules, he will take her apart from her husband's price and a million euros. Hercules, at the instigation of Foteini's mother, will respond to this double blow by seeking double revenge. Somewhere there things start to derail, making an unexpected and strange turn.

The shooting will begin on 20 July 2018 and will end on 20 September 2018.

Photo Manager: Dimitris Katsaitis
Sound engineer: Dinos Kittou
Set designer: Ioulia Stavridou
Costume designer: Christina Lardikou
Model: Giannis Chalkiadakis
Music: Jean-Michel Bernard

Producers: Panos Papachatzis, Christos V. Konstantakopoulos, Elie Meirovitz, Ingmar Trost

Production: Argonauts SA, Faliro House SA, EZ Films, Sutor Kolonko, YE Films Ltd
In co-production with ERT, ECC, STRASE of the Foundation ONASI, Ministry of Culture of Cyprus.
With the support of EKOMME SA, the Region of Sterea Hellas and MEDIA.