Nikos Kritikos

Xenia Votsi Nikos Kritikos

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Themis Bazakas, Dimitris Kitsos, Yiannis Tsortekis, Panos Vlachos, Spyros Tsekouras, Dimitris Kapetanakos

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The history of the transition of a seventeen-year-old new member of a fascist organization living in the Greek province, from intolerance to the gradual acceptance of diversity. His forced coexistence with a middle-aged Dutchman will lead him to conflict with his beliefs so far.

Photo director

Nikos Kanelos

Set designer

Dimitris Ziakas

Costume designer

Kika Karabela

Sound engineer

Antonis Zervos


Lambis Charalambides


Dimitris Fritzalas


A production of companies

Foss Productions & Oh My Dog

with co-producers ERT SA

the Greek Cinema Center SA